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1 Grading in progress

2 Demo of exterior brick skirting

3 Hand dug pier footing under building

4 Pie cast footing for under middle section of building

5 Damaged support beam

6 Damaged support beam

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Emerald Greens Apartments

The property is located in Norman Oklahoma. The buildings were constructed back in the World War II era in a post beam fashion with concrete pier footings supporting the posts and beams.

Cook & Associates Construction Company Inc. was approached due to failer of the beams and bad drainage on the property. By cutting access holes in the brick and crawling under the buildings, we were able to determine that the buildings were able to be repaired.

An engineered drawing was established with a design professional and the buildings were stabilized with new pier footings dug under specific buildings. The other buildings were put on a monitoring plan for the beams.

The property was re-graded to achieve positive drainage away from the buildings. New gutters and downspouts with extensions were installed with concrete splash blocks.

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