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Our Process

Site Analysis and Evaluation

Budget Estimating and Cost Models

Value Engineering/Cost Savings

Project Scheduling and Fast Track Evaluation

Subcontractor Qualification Program

Bid Packaging

Final Budget

Permit/Code Compliance Support

Site Analysis and Evaluation:

Recommendations regarding demographics, accessibility, traffic control, availability of utilities, existing structures, surrounding facilities, foundations, drainage, and building exposure.

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Budget Estimating and Cost Models:

A budget estimate is prepared from an on-site property evaluation and preliminary drawings and specifications. This will provide a guideline to determine if the project is within budget as early as possible. The budget estimate will allow for us (as a team) to make modifications prior to the production of the final construction documents and specifications.

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Value Engineering/Cost Savings:

A critical step to construction is value engineering. It is a means of accomplishing design criteria without sacrificing the quality of work. Cost saving alternatives are made early in the design process when changes can be integrated with the most ease.

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Project Scheduling and Fast Track Evaluation:

Cook & Associates Construction Company, Inc. will evaluate the construction activities, their duration, the material equipment required, as well as the sequence of design to determine the best possible plan to expedite the project. In addition, the procurement of long lead items is incorporated into the scheduling process.

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Subcontractor Qualification Program:

Selection of qualified subcontractors are imperative for a well-run successful project. Subcontractors are carefully screened for quality workmanship, ability to man the job, and financial stability. Only subcontractors with an excellent reputation will be considered for your projects.

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Bid Packaging:

Work is divided into bid packages by scope of work. Similar scopes of work may be combined into a single bid package. Bid packages are presented to as many qualified subcontractors as possible to ensure maximum market coverage and optimum price competition.

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Final Budget:

Based on final approved construction documents and specifications, the budget estimate is updated to reflect the lowest responsible subcontractor bids. This budget will serve as final check to be certain the project is within your budget, and as a benchmarked pricing throughout the project.

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Permit/Code Compliance Support:

Cook & Associates, with their professional affiliates, will assist you on development of an appropriate submission package for local governing jurisdiction as required.

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Our Promise to Our Clients:

To serve our clients at all times with professionalism, to be proactive in managing each project, and to always search for the solution to any issue that may arise.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide innovative design and construction solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.


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